St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

P.O. Box 1748, 1927 RR 1431, Kingsland TX

Office: 325-388-3742

Lee Hall: 325-388-0397

Pastor: Fr. Anthony Alphonse

Mission: Our Lady of the Lake

120 RR 2233, Sunrise Beach TX,

4 miles off TX Hwy 71


We, the people of God of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Kingsland, Texas and Our Lady of the Lake, Sunrise Beach, in the Diocese of Austin form a faith community that challenges each to love and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on Faith, Hope and Love with no regard to race, gender, nationality religion or social standing.


Lenten Penance Service

Wednesday, March 18 ~ Fr. Alphonse and 2 visiting priests will be available to hear our confessions
St. Charles 5:30 pm

St. Charles Mass & Stations of the Cross

Friday at 5:30 PM
February 20th February 27th
March 6th March 13th
March 20th March 27th

Our Lady of the Lake Stations of the Cross

After 4:00 Mass on Saturdays



In case of emergency or death only:
The church emergency contact number is 512-756-9003

A secure locking mailbox has been placed on the wall by the rectory office door. A convenient place with easy access for Fr. Alphonse. Please drop any notes to Fr., reimbursement forms etc. in this box. You may also drop in your mass intentions and flower requests.

Mass Intentions

Week of 2/28/2015 - 3/8/2015...More

Second Collection This Weekend 3/1/2015

Second collection this weekend is for the poor.

Ordination of Auxiliary Bishop Danny Garcia 3/3/2015

Bishop-designate Garcia will be ordained bishop at a Mass March 3 at 2 p.m. at St. William Parish in Round Rock.

Mandatory Lector Training 3/5/2015

Mandatory Training for current Lectors will be held on Thursday, March 5, 2015, at 8:45 am in the church. If you are unable to attend this training, another training session will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2015, at 10:00 am in the church. The training will last from 1- 1½ hours. Each person should be prepared to read one reading of their choice from the Sunday Lectionary. If you are interested in becoming a Lector, please contact Lucille Moody at (830) 598 8973. To serve as a Lector is an honor and privilege and it is your responsibility to attend the training to meet your obligations to serve in this capacity. If you are unable to attend either training times to fulfill your obligational requirements, you will need to discuss this with Father Alphonse.

St. Charles Soup Suppers 3/6/2015

After Mass and Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings.

OLOL Soup Suppers 3/7/2015

Our Lady of the Lake will be having a Soup, Salad and Dessert Supper during Lent on March 7th and March 21st after Mass. All are invited to attend - please let us know that you will attend and what you will bring. You may email Charles Okaly at or the signup sheet in the back of church.

Baby Bottle Fundraising Drive 3/7/2015

Your Pregnancy Center continues its work of standing in the gap for the unborn. Join with your Center in providing hope, help and healing for the moms and dads who need Christ-centered answers to the questions they have about new life! Please give generously to the annual baby bottle fundraising drive March 7th & 8th and thank you for your prayers and support. FASTING is not only a discipline of self control but it also serves as an aid to prayer. Just as our bodies hunger for physical food, so too do our souls hunger for God. By fasting we signify our oneness with the Lord, acknowledge our need for conversion and give witness to our solidarity with those less fortunate.

Men's Club Taco Breakfast 3/8/2015

Please join us next Sunday ( 3/8/15 ) for our monthly Taco Breakfast after the 9 AM Mass.

Ladies Club Meeting 3/9/2015

Ladies Club Meeting will be on March 9, 11:30am at Lee Hall. Please bring a dish to share for lunch. All ladies of St. Charles are welcome, as well as visitors or friends of ladies club members.

Men’s Club Fajita Dinner 3/17/2015

The Men’s Club will be conducting their annual Fajita Dinner fundraiser on St Patrick’s Day, March 17th. Social time will begin at 6:30 and the dinner will consist of fajitas, beans and all the trimmings. Tickets will be available after Mass at St Charles and Our Lady of the Lake at a cost of $8.00 per person. Take-outs will be available if you cannot stay for the dinner. This is our first fund raiser of the year – please support our needy charitable organizations and people in our community. Last year the Men’s Club distributed more than $8000.00, in addition to joining the Knights of Columbus in providing holiday meals to over 60 families and 60 nursing home residents. Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

Our Lady of The Lake Rosary

Rosary will be prayed each Saturday at 3:30 pm at Our Lady of The Lake before Mass. Please join us.

Our Lady of the Lake Library

The Our Lady of the Lake library is ready for checkouts on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm before mass beginning in February. Lent begins on 2/18 and this would be good time to find some Lenten reading.

Altar Servers for the Sunday Mass

We are in need of Altar Servers for the Sunday Mass. If any children having received the sacrament of First Communion would like to be an Altar Server, please contact Richard Collins or Charles Woods.

A "Sacrificial Gift"

How can I determine how much is a "sacrificial gift"? One way to determine a sacrificial gift is by relating your gift to your income. Some people reach into their pocket to see what is left from Saturday night. As a good steward, you are being asked to consider donating one hour (2 1/2%) or two hours (5%) of your weekly income. As circumstances change, increase gradually toward the ideal of 10% to your church and other charities. Some will be able to do more while others may need to do less. There are two important points: first is that your gift be a sacrifice and second is that you relate your donation to your income. If your income is $1000/week or $4333/month then a weekly sacrificial gift would be 2.5% = $25, 10% = $50 and 10% = $100.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity. The diocese requires all volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults to have a background check and complete the basic Ethics and Integrity course and attend an EIM refresher course every three years. If you are not sure if you are currently in compliance, please call Joan Woods @ 512-913-5838. You can also go to and click on "How to access your existing EIM account."