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Twentyth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 2016

The  Solemnity  of  the  Assumption  of  the  Blessed Virgin Mary - Monday, August 15, 2016


Dear brethren, I have chosen to reflect on this great Feast in the Holy Mother Church, in place of my usual reflection on the readings of the regular Sunday; not because Our Blessed Mother's Solemnity of Her assumption into Heaven is more important than the semi-Easter, that is, Sunday. No, it is because many of us may not have the opportunity to come to Mass on Monday to observe this Solemnity, due to our societal responsibilities and the secular demands on us.


Having said that, the Holy Mother Church proclaimed that Mary, the Mother of God was assumed into heaven by His own Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. How does this add up? First of all: the difference between Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Heaven and the Assumption of Mary into Heaven is that Our Lord Jesus Christ is God, so He has the power within Him to ascend into heaven, whereas, His Mother as a creature like you and me does not have such intrinsic power, hence, She needed the help of Her son, Jesus Christ to  be  assumed.  The  Church affirmed  and  attested that Virgin Mary being Mother of God and daughter of God cannot be allowed by Her Son to witness or experience corruption. The Incarnation is a very important factor here. Mary asserted her "FIAT", that is, Her absolute acceptance of Gods' Will, "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word" - Luke 1: 38. This assertion immediately placed Mary on the path of human salvation and automatically gives Her the Privilege to be the Mother of God. Here, it is proper and appropriate to ask: How could God, The Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity allow His own Mother, who carried Him in Her womb, the womb that protected Him, fed Him for nine months and gave Him birth, be allowed to see corruption? In philosophy, we can say that it is antithetical to the nature of Christ, as Divine, to let this to happen,  therefore,  when His Mother slept at the home of Saint John, the beloved apostle, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, assumed the body and soul of His Mother into Heaven.


This is why all creatures on earth will have to honor Mary – please not to worship her; but to honor Her, because God has already honored Her by choosing Her, and honored Her again by not allowing Her to experience corruption like every other human being does.


One of the ways to know Mary is to pray the Rosary daily; ask Her to intercede for us and grant us the grace that we need to navigate the trials of this world from her own Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Mary, Mother of God, who is assumed into Heaven....Pray for us sinners!  Amen!


In Christ

Father Uche Obikwelu


Aug 13, 2016 Category: Pastors Posted by: cmscharles