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Second Sunday of Lent – 2018

Could you abandon your will to God’s?
If a friend comes up to you one morning and asks you to
give up your current job, and follows up by saying that you
will find a new and better job next week? Would you
believe him or would you think that he must have been out
of his mind? Well, your outrage at such a gesture is indeed
appropriate because your friend has no such power to
determine that a better job is guaranteed for you next
week. This showcases the fact that human beings are
limited when it comes to a total trust or absolute
As the Lenten Season moves to the Second week, Holy
Mother Church invites us to ask ourselves: how do we trust
God? Do we trust God as we trust our fellow human beings
or do we trust him as God? When we examine these
questions in the light of the above described scenario and
the first reading from the book of Genesis, that is, about
the story of Abraham being willing to sacrifice his only son
Isaac, it becomes clear that we cannot trust God the same
way we trust our fellow human beings, because our fellow
human beings are not always reliable and that they can fail
us, but God will never fail us. Abraham epitomizes this
absolute trust in God, when without any doubt was already
about to lay his hand on his son Isaac, as a holocaust to
God, before God’s angel call upon him not to do any harm
to his son.
Could we ask the question why didn’t Abraham have a
second thought to carry out God’s instruction to him? It is
evident that Abraham has an absolute and undivided trust
in God. He knows that God does not fail like the way we
human beings disappoint. Abraham knows that Isaac was
given to him by God and all he has belongs to God – his
entire being and life are all God’s. Brethren, Lenten Season
is a time to refresh our memories on God’s abundant care
for us, which is manifested in the sacrifice of his only
begotten son for us. We are, therefore, encouraged by
Abraham’s Faith that the promise which God made to him
shall be fulfilled; that God who gave him, his only son,
Isaac, can take him back, but could also spare him, but
ultimately, I can say that Abraham believes that good can
always come from God. This is the message of this Second
Sunday of Lent. We must trust God with absolute
confidence that good will always come from him. We must
trust him not as we trust our fellow human beings, but as
Abraham trusted.
In Christ,
Father Uche Obikwelu

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