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We have arrived at the Holiest Week in the Church’s
Liturgical Season. Why is this Week called Holy Week?
The week begins with the triumphant entry into Jerusalem
by our Lord Jesus Christ. The Glorious entrance that
appears complex, because the same people that were
shouting “Blessed is he, son of David, who comes in the
name of Lord, Hosanna in the Highest!” will later be
shouting before Pilate, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” All this
is to fulfil the prophesies of the Holy Scriptures. Jesus made
it clear that, “The Son of man goes as has been destined.”
The message that “He can lay down his life and can still
raise it up” is beginning to get clearer to the ‘Thomases -
doubters’. Palm Sunday sets the tone for the Holy Week.
During this Week, some dioceses will celebrate The Chrism
Mass with their Local Ordinary – the Bishop. At Chrism
Mass, the Bishop will consecrate three Oils: Chrism Oil;
Oil of the Catechumen and Oil of the Sick. Oils of the
previous year would be reverently disposed in the fire made
for the Easter Vigil, from which the Paschal Candle will be
lite. These newly consecrated Oils will be used by the
Bishop and priests for the current year to administer the
various Sacraments. The proper day for Chrism Mass
celebration is in the Morning of Holy Thursday that ushers
in theTriduum, but due to certain logistics some dioceses
have chosen to have the Chrism Mass on Tuesday of the
Holy Week, to give enough opportunity for the priests and
people of God to participate meaningfully and actively in
this joyful celebration of Holy Mother Church.
The Triduum: This is a Latin word. Which means three
days. This is not just ordinary days or simply a three day.
These three days are one integral entity, that is, three
celebrations but one Act. It means we cannot attend only
one or two and forgo the other. We need to attend all
celebrations accordingly: The Holy (Maundy) Thursday.
This day is called Maundy because the word came from a
Latin word, “Mandamus” to Command. As you will
observe both from the Gospel of this day and the washing
of the twelve feet, the priest replicates the Command that
Jesus gave to his Twelve Apostles at the washing of their
feet to love one another, which was the meaning of his
action. On this night also, Christ ordained his Twelve
Apostles priests and instituted the Holy Sacrament of the
Eucharist. Following this day is Good Friday. This is the
only day in the whole year of the Church that the Holy
Eucharist of the Mass is not celebrated, because Our Lord
goes through his passion and was crucified on this day.
Hence the vestment is Red color. Cross or crucifix is
venerated by God’s people, to honor that wood which
brought us salvation, a reverse to Adam’s tree (wood) of
evil. Holy Saturday is the climax of the Triduum because
this is the night that the devil was defeated. Never in life of
mankind had anybody died and rose from the dead and
never again should there be such a reality, except only the
resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. On this Easter Vigil,
Light is made outside the Church, from where the Paschal
Candle is lite. From this Paschal Candle, the people of God
receive their candle lights and proceed to the Church in
darkness, while the Paschal Candle which is Christ leads
God’s people from darkness to light, just as God led the
Israelites from the slavery in Egypt by the pillar of fire at
night through the red sea. The Exsultet, a joyful and
glorious song is sung while the Paschal Candle is situated
right by the Ambo. On this glorious night, the long journey
of the Candidates and Catechumens comes to the
welcoming moment into the Community of the believers.
They are baptized, confirmed and received the Holy Eucharist
and fully become part of the Body of Christ. This is a
short summation of what the Holy Week means in the
Church. My brothers and sisters, I welcome you with delight
to this year, 2018, Holy Week. May God reward you
for your faithful participation during the past Forty Days
and Forty Night of Lent. Amen.
In Christ,
Father Uche Obikwelu.

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