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Thomas answered and said to him, “MY LORD AND MY GOD”
If Thomas, one of the Apostles of Christ was to be here today, probably, somebody would have sounded: “Hello Thomas!”, which would be a response in an attempt to express bewilderment and disappointment at his doubts. But, before we condemn Thomas for his doubtfulness, it may be necessary to understand how Thomas’ doubts may have become a blessings to his brothers – the Apostles and us, who have been so privileged to be Christians through our baptism.
Since, after Jesus’ resurrection we have witnessed a few accounts of pessimism on the parts of some of the Apostles and Christ’s followers. The story of the two Apostles just read during the week of Octave of this Easter comes in handy. However, Thomas’ doubt, as embarrassing as it may be, actually identified with our humanity. The humanity which was wounded by the sin of Adam and Eve but redeemed by Christ. It is the fallen nature of man that Christ came to save, therefore, Thomas’ doubts represent our human weaknesses which had been healed by Christ. I don’t know about you? But if I’m permitted to ask: has anyone ever paid attention that it is always at Christmas – the birth of our Savior and at Easter – the resurrection of our Lord from the dead that some cartoonists, comedians, journalists, movie actors and actress-es and others always plow their trade of insults and blasphemy against our Lord Jesus Christ? I cannot equate these antichrists with Thomas because Thomas was innocent and honest in his quest for knowledge – which is to know Jesus truly; and once Christ showed himself to him, he was humbled: “My Lord and My God”. But how about us? Are we vulnerable in the hands of the secularists mentioned above or are we grateful Easter people, who understand our human weak-nesses like Thomas had; and always ready to stand by our faith no matter where the wind of persecution blows.
As Holy Mother Church celebrates the Divine Mercy made manifest in God’s only begotten Son, wouldn’t it be a call to duty for Christians to stop shying away from what our faith demands and begin today to live out daily the messages that Saint Sister Faustina received from Jesus Christ? For the sake of his Sorrowful Passion; have mercy on us and of the whole world! This Mercy, brethren, has been purchased by the precious blood of Christ. Each of us cannot afford to bury our faith because of the antichrist laws and propaganda against the Son of God. I have not heard or read about any other faith that has been so maligned and ridiculed by our western media as often as done to Christ and the Christian faith, values and morals. This period of Easter is a time for we Christians to remain steadfast in the midst of this threat. Always be strong and on your guard to teach your children the truth; remain committed to all that the Holy Scriptures and Holy Mother Church have for us. Be warned that the self-acclaimed champions of the new world order are not letting their feet off the pedal. Doubts must not and cannot lead us astray, never. Rather, doubts, as Philosophy suggests, always lead us to reality - the truth. In this case any doubt with sincere hearts will always lead us to Christ so that when we embrace this eternal truth, we can faithfully acclaim, “My Lord and My God”
In Christ,
Father Uche Obikwelu

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