St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

P.O. Box 1748, 1927 RR 1431,

Kingsland TX 78643

Office: 325-388-3742

Lee Hall: 325-388-0397

Reverend Father Uche Evaristus Obikwelu

Mission: Our Lady of the Lake

120 RR 2233,

Sunrise Beach TX 78643,

4 miles off TX Hwy 71

St Charles Kingsland

Our Lady of the Lake Sunrise Beach


We, the people of God of St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Kingsland, Texas and Our Lady of the Lake, Sunrise Beach, in the Diocese of Austin form a faith community that challenges each to love and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on Faith, Hope and Love with no regard to race, gender, nationality religion or social standing.




Sponsoring Alter Flowers for 2017

Sponsoring Alter Flowers for 2017 If you would like to sponsor the Alter Flower for a weekend in 2017 to honor a loved one or special occasion please send the following information to Judy Breaux. 109 Weeping Willow Road Marble Falls, Tx 78654 I would like to sponsor flowers on DATE____________2017 Amount to spend ($40/$50/other) $_______________ Wording for Bulletin ______________________________________   Please include Name, Address, & Phone number with your request. Please call Judy at 512-413-0562 for any further clarification.   ...More

Mass Intentions

Mass Intentions Mass intentions can be booked in the office on Tuesday or Thursday or you can fill out the form and drop the envelope in the black box in front of the office. You will find envelopes in the book holders in the pews.   ...More

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

MARRIED COUPLES:  For a holier Lent, why not grow in greater love with your spouse on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend? The next weekend is March 31-April 2, at the Wingate Hotel in Round Rock.  It's a weekend for married couples who have a good marriage, but want a great marriage.  To apply online visit: or contact Michael and Shani Cowart: 512-677-WWME (9963) or email  Call early to ensure a space.  ....More

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross Please join us for Mass and The Stations of the Cross on Fridays during Lent at 5:30 PM. A meatless soup will be available afterwards. ...More

From Ashes to Easter boxes.

From Ashes to Easter boxes. We have a limited number of boxes available for those who wish to participate. Please pick up box at the table at the church entrance.   ...More

Our Lady of The Lake Rosary

Rosary will be prayed each Saturday at 3:25 pm at Our Lady of The Lake before Mass. Please join us.

A "Sacrificial Gift"

How can I determine how much is a "sacrificial gift"? One way to determine a sacrificial gift is by relating your gift to your income. Some people reach into their pocket to see what is left from Saturday night. As a good steward, you are being asked to consider donating one hour (2 1/2%) or two hours (5%) of your weekly income. As circumstances change, increase gradually toward the ideal of 10% to your church and other charities. Some will be able to do more while others may need to do less. There are two important points: first is that your gift be a sacrifice and second is that you relate your donation to your income. If your income is $1000/week or $4333/month then a weekly sacrificial gift would be 2.5% = $25, 10% = $50 and 10% = $100.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity. The diocese requires all volunteers working with children or vulnerable adults to have a background check and complete the basic Ethics and Integrity course and attend an EIM refresher course every three years. If you are not sure if you are currently in compliance, please call Joan Woods @ 512-913-5838. You can also go to and click on "How to access your existing EIM account."